The purpose of Reality Dreaming is much like my purpose in life, which I believe is to teach and to touch as many young lives as I can through  empowering and motivating dreamers to BE the best they can be on and off the dance floor.

Reality dreaming.. The Believe Journey, is  a tool for youth in dance; something real that provides them with the means to not only dream, but to turn their dreams into REALITY. The BElieve Journey teaches its students the path to achieving goals, BE Fearless, BE Confident, BE Grateful and Many other life lessons to help make their dreams become reality, versus just dreaming about it. 

Reality Dreaming creates an opportunity for the youth of today to explore and take a detour from life’s insecurities, peer pressures, and challenges of growing up.  It is an experience that creates opportunity for its students to discover new avenues for their future ahead, not just in dance, but also in life. Planning a life in dance, or not, this will open new possibilities and help set goals for every Dreamer to Find their Wings!

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Find Your Wings