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Rachelle Ochsner


The Coaches

Carlee Vandal


Who Is Reality Dreaming?

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Rachelle Ochsner has over 30 Years of Living her Dream as a Professional Dancer, Pro-Assistant, Choreographer, Company Director, Studio Owner, Convention Director and most of All Empowerment Coach, Wife and Mother of Four.  Rachelle and her team of Coaches have experienced many life lessons that will help every dreamer learn the different avenues they can explore through Dance while teaching them to BElieve in themselves!

Carlee Vandal started dancing at an early age and fell in love with it as a teenager.   She was mentored and directed by Rachelle Ochsner since age 15.  Carlee’s plans, goals, and dreams all lead her to inspiring other dreamers, and empowering those who are trying to find their wings. Her passion stems from the loss of her sister, and now lives life to her fullest potential and finds love in all areas of her life. 

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